Our story begins back in 2015 where one designer in Ukraine decided to remake the classic game of memory.

It all started with a simple question: why kids games have to be so bright and shiny, that parents can't barely look at them? It was a question that started the endeavor of creating kids games that parents would actually love to play too. Because there are not so many things more important in a game than an aspect of parent-child spending time together.

Another aspect was that memory games tend to be so simple and so basic, that even child get bored playing them over and over again, so next question was: how can we make a memory game that will be hard and entertaining enough for both kids and parents, while still training memory? This is where our graphic design background helped to make a real game changer. A memory game that was created with a help of basic shapes and a beautiful modern design was a solution. After testing our hypothesis we got numerous feedback that although the game was black and white it was treated as very beautiful by both kids and parents. Furthermore, because of the complexity that simple black and white shapes brought to the game, kids were actually beating parents over and over again! At it just couldn't be more motivating for kids to keep playing it.

This is where our whole concept of Family Memories uncovered itself. By making the game challenging and beautiful for both kids and parents, we got the possibility to create a meaningful time for families to spend together. A time that will be well memorized because of the memory training aspect of the game.

Family time together is one of the significant aspects of kids development. Nothing more than loving parents playing educational games with kids will help kids grow up in a healthy, happy and self-sufficient human beings.