Eyegamer is a new stylish twist on a classic memory game

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Home is where most of my favorite memories are created, gathered at the table or piled up on each other on the couchπŸ’›our newest favorite family game is @eyegamer because all of us can participate and even mama gets competitive πŸ˜† fun for the whole family.
Maia Shcherbak
Married, mothering and abundant living
Sacramento, California
Trains brains
It helps building working memory, concentration and perception of your kids in a fun and challenging way.
Easy to understand
Even toddlers are able to play the game. Just flip pare of cards and find the match. Easy, right?
Up to 8 people
It's a fun time for a solo player or for the whole family of up to eight people.
Toddlers to seniors
From toddlers to seniors our game is fun to play at any age. And kids win almost all the time. It's a fact.
A perfect gift
It's small, it's stylish and it's cheap. Kids can easily grab it to school and you can take it for any trip.

About Eyegamer

Eyegamer is a fun and easy way to give your memory a workout. Designed with preschoolers and elementary-school kids in mind, this matching card game requires no reading skills and is guaranteed to boost your kid’s short term memory and attention span. It will also teach them essential social skills like taking turns and following rules.
This matching game is not just for kids, it’s a real crowd pleaser. Teenagers, parents and grandparents will all equally enjoy the mental challenge of the game and appreciate quality family time. And it can be played with up to 8 players, the rules are so simple you can start playing in no time.
We love filling our days with visits to the park, the backyard sprinkler and games inside when it gets really hot. This memory card game from @eyegamer is a new favorite around our house. The older boys love beating me at matches every (single) time, and I’m crazy about the black+white aesthetic. I also love the focused 1:1 time it gives me with my sweet boys.
Christina Vance
Boy mama + adoption
Chicago, Illinois

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